Days to PRiMO19

4 Days to #ASPRiMO19. HEALTH SECURITY-Climate change influence on mosquito-borne diseases such as ZIKV and Lymphatic Filariasis, that threatens the health of mom’s and our people. When it comes to natural disasters, people with disabilities take twice as long to recover due to their complex needs. With the limited access to quality healthcare for individuals with disabilities, we rely on telehealth to access telemedicine and teleconsultation in an interdisciplinary approach. PRiMO will bring together agencies and communities to discuss PRECOVERY and how we can build a more resilient territory. #ZIKV#PBLEND

5 days to #ASPRiMO2019. The dawn of a new day, we are reminded of the resilience of the people of American Samoa and the Pacific in their cultures, customs and traditions. We are reminded of the need for better structural solutions to coastal erosion, sea level rise, etc. As one lane breaks and another one erodes away, how do we rebuild better and stronger?

6 Days to #ASPRiMO19. Living on an island with 2 flights a week, we rely also on our critical infrastructure “sea port” and the shipment of goods. Conversations around whats in place to recover quickly to minimize disruption and increase resilience will engage the whole community. #DR1859

7 Days to #ASPRiMO19 highlighted the critical role of technology integration in building resilience, planning, preparedness and recovery. Our lives become dependent on the use of technology for communications, education, telehealth, disaster management and in many different aspects. How do you find the balance to effectively and meaningfully integrate technology in precovery?

3 Days to #ASPRiMO19. ECONOMIC RECOVERY- On September 29, 2009 American Samoa experienced a catastrophic Tsunami Disaster #DR1859 as a result of an 8.1 Magnitude earthquake. The day before, Chicken of the Sea (COS) Samoa Packing, one of two major employers for people with disabilities, shut its doors to almost 2,000 employees due to incremental increases to meet federal minimum wage standards (Thank you Starkist for sticking around). For people with disabilities, it is twice the challenge seeking employment but to be self-employed is liberating and allows them to live independently as part of the whole community. Small businesses along the coastline took up to two years to recover. Many never returned because of financial hardship with no insurance or fear. Some business owners were struck twice with their homes included. Many feared to leave or return to their homes. Some relocated and never returned to American Samoa. American Samoa 2010 census dropped by 3.1% from 2000. What does this mean? The Federal Government relies on Census data to determine federal funding to our territory. What precovery plans do we have in place to keep our people home? How can we promote resilience for people with disabilities who are self-employed? Be a strand and let’s weave this conversation as a whole community at #ASPRiMO19.

#ASPRiMO19 Theme “Weaving a Path to Precovery in American Samoa” will bring 8 countries together in one fale to have an open conversation around disasters and the impact of climate change in the Pacific Region. Weaving lessons learned, best practices, and possible solutions in a unified recovery effort to increase resilience.